About us

Let HygieNZ take care of you and your property. Hygiene is an essential component of every day living; we are surrounded by thousands of microbes and allergens. Looking after our homes and offices is crucial for health and well-being. In order to create a healthy and relaxing atmosphere, regular cleaning is a necessity, but one that not everyone loves! This is where HygieNZ comes in to make the task as easy and pleasant as possible.

We employ friendly staff who are happy to help and highly motivated. Our personnel are efficient and specially trained. Our company and our staff are fully insured.

We believe we offer the very best in terms of value for money in Auckland and high quality is at the heart of what we do.

At HygieNZ, we pay attention to the smallest details when it comes to cleaning. We only use the best materials and our equipment complies with all the latest technology and requirements. This translates into a high-quality service. We aim to complete each task with 100% customer satisfaction.

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