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Foot traffic, spilled foods, ink leakages and dust can leave your office or home carpeting looking worse for wear. Cleaners, office janitors and outsourced service providers may vacuum carpets on a regular basis to keep them clean, but sometimes that simply isn’t enough. Parasites including fleas, lice and mites can all bury themselves deep into carpeting, endangering your health.

Only professional carpet cleaning services can guarantee the best and cleanest carpets for your home, office or site. Not only that, but professionally cleaned carpets leave your environment smelling fresh, and looking spick and span. They even reduce the risk of allergies and prolong your carpet’s life.

HygieNZ’s comprehensive, cost-competitive carpet cleaning service is available at any time of day, any day of the week, to attend to any of your requests. Whether you’re looking to fix up an emergency spill or schedule a professional clean, HygieNZ Carpet Cleaning is the company to do it. Our professional and experienced staff are fully trained in carpet cleaning and look forward to making you their No.1 priority.

HygieNZ services include

Difficult Stains Removed

All Carpet Types Cleaned