Medical Center Cleaning

Medical Center Cleaning

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Patients, staff, and visitors entering healthcare facilities carry with them bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting are some of the most important steps in preventing the acquisition and spread of infectious diseases in healthcare facilities. General cleaning involves dirt and dust removal using detergents, powders, toilet bowl and glass cleaners.

In some areas of the hospital, the use of disinfectants is necessary to reduce the risk of infection. Disinfection is generally defined as reducing the number of microbes on a surface to very low levels. Reducing microbial levels involves the use of chemicals, which are considered pesticides and vary in degree of toxicity.

At HygieNZ Medical Center Hygenic and Cleaning Services, we know that cleaning medical centres is totally different from the other fields of cleaning such as residential or commercial cleaning. We follow the hygienic and cleaning guidelines created by universities and educational centres. We also follow ISO 17664:2004, 9001, 14001 standards.

We use Green products in all of our services.

Medical Center Cleaning

Our standard Medical Center Hygenic and Cleaning service includes

General hygiene and cleaning:

Common Area Cleaning, Office cleaning, Restroom cleaning, Corridor cleaning, Patient room cleaning.

Specific services

Surgery room cleaning, Device hygiene and cleaning, Emergency room cleaning