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Achieving effective restaurant cleaning is one of the biggest challenges in the business. Keeping a restaurant clean is a never-ending battle, but if you do it right, you'll keep your establishment sparkling, your floors accident-free, and your customers impressed. Naturally, the kitchen and food prep areas generate a never-ending cleanup challenge, as cooking oils and byproducts land on the kitchen floor and are tracked into the dining room and other areas of the restaurant.

When the last table is cleared and the kitchen closes, HygieNZ restaurant cleaning teams get to work. Our crews are ready to provide the best in restaurant cleaning to make sure your kitchen and dining areas are clean, fresh and ready for the next day. With professional restaurant cleaning services, your chefs will have a sanitised work environment and your guests an immaculate dining area.

We use Green products in all of our services.

Restaurant cleaning

HygieNZ services include

A superior and cleaner restaurant, from the kitchen to the dining area and beyond.

Dedicated and experienced staff